Lotus Lantern Festival

Just for fun, here’s a few photos from past years’ Lotus Lantern parade, which will be held in Seoul this Sunday (May 16). Following it, are some photos from Dharma Halls on Korean army bases.


Getting ready for Buddha's Birthday on an army base.



Barbwire and lotus lanterns
A Dharma Hall on a small base
The Dharma Hall on a much larger base


Lunch with Buddha


The beautiful photos at the top were taken by Park Youngwoo, and the rest by me! 

Ps. please let me know if your computer has trouble loading this page, I may have overdone it with the photos!  With palms together, Chong Go.

6 thoughts on “Lotus Lantern Festival”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed them! It really is a fun time of the year here. It looks like KBS will be filming our youth group through the preparation as they break things down, transport them, and then reassemble them for the parade. That’s a huge undertaking, and I think it’s something like 40 5-ton truckloads of stuff. It should be quite an interesting video, and if it comes to pass, I’ll try to post the video somewhere, along with some more photos from this year’s events.

  2. Is that photo of the monk leading chanting a photo of you? I wonder how Korean military men respond the first time you show up to an Army base. 🙂

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